Help Your Elderly Parents Maintain Their Personal Hygiene: Part 2

//Help Your Elderly Parents Maintain Their Personal Hygiene: Part 2
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Continued from Part 1

Use Personal Hygiene Aids For The Elderly

There are a number of personal hygiene aids on the market made specifically for the elderly. The types of aids you need will depend on what struggles your parents have. For instance, if your elderly mother is unable to stand in the shower, you may need a shower seat. Grab handles and anti-slip mats could also help your parents stand or sit up while bathing. Talk to your parent about ways he or she struggles while cleaning, and find products that will help him or her through this process.

With regards to using the restroom, an extendable butt wiper like Wipos Wipes could help your parents clean up their personal messes. Your parents may no longer be able to wipe on their own, but this tool could give them the ability to take care of themselves once again. Even if this is a task you eventually have to take on, having the extendable wiper will keep your hands clean while you take care of their personal hygiene.

Help Your Elderly Parents Wash Themselves

You may need to help your elderly parents bathe themselves in time. At first, this could just be a matter of being in the restroom while they bathe in case they fall down or lose their strength. In time though, you may need to take over the actual cleaning process, from putting shampoo in their hair to running soap over their bodies. Some elderly people are receptive of this assistance, and others struggle with the loss of control. You will need to work patiently with your parents to get their personal hygiene where it needs to be.

Talk To Your Parents About In-Home Care

If your parents’ personal hygiene levels are declining and you do not have the time or ability to properly care for them, you may need to look into in-home care. This can be a costly undertaking though, so it is best to weigh out your options before selecting a are provider for your parents. Talk to your parents about this before you invite a stranger into your home. They may not be fond of the idea of someone else coming in and helping them bathe.

Keep your parents’ dignity in mind as you encourage them to improve their personal hygiene, and you will all enjoy a much brighter future moving forward.