Butt Wiper Handle Work While On Vacation!

//Butt Wiper Handle Work While On Vacation!

  I was on vacation in Georgia and I went to a shop to get a jig made, so I could put a bend in the handle of my butt wiper. Showing the owner what I needed done to bend the handle. He couldn’t do the work at his shop but, he sent me down the street to another shop. Before I left his place he asked me what I needed the bend for? what was I doing? I told him it was for a butt wiper. He says “a butt wiper, let me see” I went out to the car and got one. Soon as he saw it and I showed him how it worked, he says “I need one, I want to buy it” I asked him, I says “well if your going to use it are you going to use it from the front or the back?” he says “Oh it’s not for me, it’s for my wife I think she could use a butt wiper cus she’s quite heavy” I said “well there could be a problem there, how heavy is your wife?” he says “well over 300 lbs.” I said “ok I’m going to give you this particular one cus you helped me out” and when I went and had the work done I came back and thanked him cus he didn’t charge me for the tooling.

I went back 3 days later to show him another version a custom butt wiper that I thought would help and he said “oh no, he says the one you gave me that’s straight, she’s doing the job” And I asked him “how could she wipe from the rear?” he says “no she’s doing it from the front, she’s very happy with her butt wiper”. She had tears in her eye’s and thanked me cus this was the first time she had wiped in 2 1/2 years by herself.

I asked if she would write me a testimonial? He looked at me he said “no I’m very sorry” I told him that “this is my problem trying to help reach people, to reach people that need help” because just like his wife she’s very happy with the butt wiper and everything but, will not put her name to it. So I asked him “since I’m having this problem and your a business man, would you have any objections to me using the story? not adding anything to it or deleting anything just the truth of what happened” he said “go for it”.                 by: Paul Ramirez