Bottom Wiper Aid experience.

//Bottom Wiper Aid experience.

Bottom Wiper Aid experience.
by: Richard M.
Let me start by saying that I never
thought I would need a butt wiping aid or that they even existed but, I’m glad they do. After working for over 30 years in a shop doing heavy lifting, I have bad shoulders and back so I got a sit down job. Which is nice for my shoulders and back but, I’ve gained a lot of weight. With the added weight and my mobility problems in my shoulders and back, going to the bathroom became more and more difficult to do by myself. Sometimes on bad days I would have to call my great and loving wife to make sure I was clean after going #2. Asking for help is hard for me to do but, asking someone to wipe you after taking a #2 is very, very hard to do.

I wanted to get my bathroom independence back and not have to ask anyone to help wipe me like a child would. So I went online like you do for anything nowadays. I was surprised at how much is out there for butt wipers. There are adjustable bottom wipers, butt wipers, bottom wiper for people with disabilities, bottom wiper aid, bottom wiper for the obese, bottom wiping tool, bottom wiper for the handicapped, easy wipe toilet aid, toilet assist, self wipe toilet tissue aid, toilet aids for wiping, butt wiping tool, butt wand, toilet butt cleaner, even ass wipers and ass wipes lol. With all these how are you supposed to find what you need and not get overwhelmed by the amount of sites and information. Well I’m going to save you lots of time and frustration.

I started by clicking on the first site that came up and ordered their butt wiping aid. It was ok but, didn’t do what was advertised and was too short. If you’ve never used a toilet wiping aid ( which is most of us I think) then you might find it hard to use, it takes some practice and worst of all you might get the paper stuck and most of the bottom wipers out there don’t tell you about getting paper stuck or how to get it out. I said most because there is one out there that does what it says, is adjustable so it’s never to short, is easy to use (doesn’t take a lot of practice) and tells you about getting paper stuck and is designed to get it unstuck. Like I said there are a lot of sites out there for butt wiping aids, some are ok and some try to be more than a toilet wiping aid. One says that it’s better than the competition because it can be used to wipe with, clean your body with loofah, apply ointment and hold a razor to shave with but, let’s be honest how many people would clean their body with a loofah, apply ointment or shave with something that they just wiped their butt with. Multi-tools are nice but, for serious jobs you use a tool designed just for that job so use a butt wiper that’s designed for that.

I’d like to save you all the time and hassle of searching all these sites and possibly paying for something that doesn’t work, so to get to the bottom of it (pun intended) just go to the site that is from someone who knows the problems with butt wiping and the problems with butt wiping aids. Wipos Bottom Wipers is a site that sells the best butt wiper I have used and I’ve tried most of them. I found their site very helpful with information that makes you feel that your not alone and don’t have to feel embarrassed about using a bottom wiping aid.

I’m glad to say that after getting the Wipos Bottom Wiper I haven’t had to ask my wife for help and use the bathroom all by myself again like a big boy lol. Please don’t waste time and money like I did by trying different toilet aids, just go straight for the best, Wipos Bottom Wipers I know you’ll be satisfied and clean.