Meet Paul

I’m Paul Ramirez, the inventor of Wipos Bottom Wipers. I’m an average guy with an inventive mind, a knack for problem solving, and a lifetime full of unique experiences that got me to where I am today. At the ripe age of 78, I decided to create an extendable bottom wiper to help seniors, caretakers, and medical staff members do “dirty work” in the cleanest way possible. This is my story.

Wipos Bottom Wiper InventorThe Early Years: Making Money And Problem Solving

I have always been a problem solver, which was a good thing considering that I was quite the problem child in my youth. My ornery attitude was mostly caused by stubbornness and a knowing that I could find a better way to do something than the way it was currently being done.

I stayed in a Catholic orphanage on the north side of Chicago from 3 to 12 years old. At the orphanage, the older kids taught the younger ones, so I quickly learned how to take care of myself and others. I also learned how to teach when I became one of the older kids. Lessons I learned at the orphanage would stay with me all my life.

Most of us in the orphanage didn’t have much money so pennies and nickels meant a lot. It didn’t take me long to figure out I could sell a nickel candy for 6 cents and make enough to pay for my candy. Paying for my candy was just a bonus. What I really liked was learning how to make money.

The School Years: Trouble Making And Personal Development

By the age of 12, I was out of the orphanage and going to public school, but I still carried that money making mentality with me. Most of the apartments in those days used heating oil, which in the winter would quadruple in price. I would buy heating oil in the summer for 7 cents, store it in the basement in barrels and sell it in the winter for 25 cents. Not relying on just one way to make money in the winter, I also sold Christmas stars my sister and her friend would make out of paper and decorate with glitter. Going door to door in the apartments selling stars for a dollar gave me the confidence to know I would always be able to make money.

I went to public school on the south side of Chicago, where my confidence and attitude got me into trouble – a lot of trouble. Coming from Catholic school, I was ahead in learning from my public school classmates. This gave me free time, which is a dangerous gift for an active-minded child. I was sent to live with my aunt in Detroit, and she put me back into Catholic school. The nuns there tutored me to make up for what I lost while in trouble and moving. I was able to graduate 8th grade and went back to Chicago to start high school.

The Working Years: Buying, Saving, And Selling

High school didn’t appeal to me much, but making money did. I worked at Anderson & Co. hauling garbage and cleaning out ashes from the furnaces at the apartments around me. I also spent time fixing and repainting wood and metal screens for the windows in the apartments. Back then they used a tar paint that would get sticky and turn brown in the summer. I used a better paint for the work I did, and I set up a painting station that collected unused paint along the way. This added up to a tremendous savings after about 400-500 screens.

I worked during the school year, and in the summer I would go down to the lake with my dad and catch smelt. I got paid in smelt to reel in the nets for the fishermen in the area, and I would turn around and sell whatever smelt I didn’t want for a profit. The money I made from the smelt was used to buy pizzas, which I would sell by the slice down by the lake. It was this cycle of saving, buying, selling, and repeating that taught me fundamental business principles I still use to this day.

When I was old enough, I decided to join the Marine Corps. The Marines had a 6 year plan – 2 years active, 2 years active reserve and 2 years inactive. I got my choice of where in the world I wanted to be stationed. I chose the Far East and ended up in Okinawa, Japan working in the motor pool. In my first 18 months of the Marine Corps. I made, lost and remade private first class ranking.

After the Marines and some odd jobs, I started working at Cushion Furniture in Illinois. I started just as a shop hand but quickly moved up to management. I rearranged the warehouse to make it easier to pull orders and stock. My system and layout of the warehouse quickly became the standard and all other warehouses in the company were laid out based on my system. It didn’t take long for me to be the head of the warehouse.

The Inventing Years: Tapping into Talent

In 1971, a buddy of mine had an idea for a ladder stabilizer he wanted me to work with him on. We got the materials and made the stabilizers for $2.25 each, with plans to sell them for $9.95. However, there was a great deal of controversy between me, my buddy, and his wife, and that specific ladder stabilizer never came to be.

Years later, I came back to the ladder stabilizer idea, tweaking the design to make it even better (as I always did). I made it easy to adjust the height of the polls, and made it sturdier and easier to move. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a patent on my design, but I learned a lot from my experiences with this potential money-maker.

Always having more than one way to make money, I started a stump removal business: Stump the Stumper. I continued to run that business for the next 20 years. When I turned 78, I decided it was time to do something else.

The Wipos Years: Creating A Masterpiece

Of all the reoccurring themes in my life, making money and problem solving were some of my strongest traits. I was always looking for a way to make something better, faster, and more efficient than what was on the market. To this day, I always think about what I can do to improve daily tasks and make them easiest for people to do.

All of my life experiences have led to my latest creation: Wipos Bottom Wipers. A few years ago, I started having problems doing that most basic of jobs – wiping my bottom. It is something everyone on the planet does on a daily basis, yet no one wants to talk about it. When I ran into problems wiping, there was nowhere to turn. There was nothing on the market that could solve my problem, so I decided to fix the issue myself.

I tried using everything from backscratchers to kitchen tongs to help me in the bathroom, but nothing worked the way I wanted it to. It wasn’t clean, it wasn’t efficient, or it just wasn’t practical. That’s when I set out on creating an extendable bottom wiper that was easy to use no matter the circumstances.

No one should ever fear going to the bathroom because of the discomfort they may experience afterward. Wipos Bottom Wipers are designed to make this process as natural as possible, so you can use the restroom with confidence again. Don’t let your physical limitations stop you from leading a normal life. You can take care of yourself and get the clean feeling you deserve. Wipos work for me, and I’m sure they’ll work for you.

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